Merry Christmas

Thank you everyone for a wonderful Christmas tree season this year.

We wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity in 2018!!

Merry Christmas to All.

Tree Farm Locations

Cassens Trees has two tree farms. Our West Lafayette tree farm is located at 5038 Morehouse Road and a second tree farm is on Old State Road 25 North, between Americus and Delphi.

Dates and Times Open

During the season, both tree farms are open on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm and Sundays from noon to 5pm. Morehouse Road tree farm is also open Monday - Friday from 3 to 6pm.

Hardwood Lumber

For information on custom sawing or hardwood lumber available for sale, visit our Cassens Lumber website at

Trees up to 20 Feet Tall

We are fortunate to have a limited supply of high quality, full, Canaan Fir (very similar to Fraser Fir), Douglas Fir, and Spruce trees up to 20 feet tall at our Old State Road 25 North tree farm. We will cut and help load your tree onto your trailer during regular business hours for that location; however, due to the large size of the trees, we cannot bale, shake, or drill the trees for our stands.The trees are priced at $250 - $275 each.

Trees up to 20 Feet Tall Photos

Indiana State Fair Winner

Cassens Trees is very proud and excited to be a winner for the fourth year in a row at the Indiana State Fair. Our Canaan fir tree, Spruce tree, and undecorated wreath each won second place at this year's fair. We also participated in the national contest which took place in Green Bay, Wisconsin on August 17-19 where we entered a Canaan fir tree, a decorated wreath, and an undecorated wreath. Although we did not win the grand prize at the national level, we were very honored to take part, as all entrants musts be winners at the state level in order to enter the national contest.

For nearly 30 years, Dan and Vicki Cassens have supplied Lafayette and the surrounding area with beautiful Canaan fir, Fraser fir, Douglas fir, and Concolor fir trees up to 20 feet tall, as well as Scotch and White pine. Christmas is about families getting together and making memories that will last a lifetime. There is no better memory than taking your family to one of Cassens Tree farms to pick out your own Christmas tree from the field or a freshly cut tree from the Cassens tree barn.

Our Trees

This year at our Old State Road 25 North tree farm we have an abundance of beautiful Canaan fir, Douglas fir, and Spruce trees, some up to 20 feet tall. See the section above on "Trees up to 20 feet Tall" for photos of some of these outstanding trees available for the 2017 season.

It's Christmas. Keep it Real.